Ranging in length, abilities, technology, etc., Rivers Edge has an abundance of machinery to meet any needs that our jobs require. 

Fiber Optic Lasers

Rivers Edge holds two Mazak Fiber Optic Lasers (4.0 and 7.0) to ensure that we are able to get our work done effectively. These high-powered machines use our software to create both large and small cuts, details, and characteristics of the assigned job.

The Mazak 4.0 Fiber Optic Laser has a cutting bed size of 6′ x 12′ and has a cutting capacity of up to 3/4” Steel.

The Mazak 7.0 Fiber Optic Laser has a cutting bed size of 5′ x 10′ and has a cutting capacity of up to 1” Steel.


We have not one…not two…not three… but FOUR Accurpress machines for our bending needs. Ranging in sizes up to 16′ in length with a 250-ton bending capacity, these different sized machines allow us to bend all shapes and sizes of material for any custom project we receive.


Our Accurshear machines give Rivers Edge employees the ability to cut material to any specified dimensions that are needed to be able to form and shape the material to fit the desired job. These machines can cut material up to 12′ in length 1/2” mild steel.

Euromac STX Flex




The Euromac STX Flex Turret Punch helps in the production of high volume parts. Our AutoCAD and nesting software optimizes material yield and has a tolerance of +/-0.005.

Flow Waterjet








The Flow Waterjet has the ability to cut through up to 12” of various solid materials. If waterjet cutting is something your project requires, we also have the tools to deburr the parts that come off of our waterjet in order to make sure your job is clean, neat, and smooth upon completion.

Davi MCA


Some of our custom projects require the material to be rolled to shape. The Davi MCA CNC Rolls that we have in house extends our capabilities to not just cutting, bending, and shearing, but also to rolling material up to 6′ in length and 3/8” in thickness. This machine also has the ability to roll material into a cone shape if project requires. 

Sharp CNC Vertical Machining Center





The CNC Vertical Machining Center lets us perform machine shop duties if needed. This CNC Machining Center offers CNC milling up to 30” x 60”.